An Extended Review On Impulse Noise Reduction For Corrupted Images

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V.Juliet Rani , Dr. K.K.Thanammal


Image denoising is the core preprocessing work for digital images. The denoising  process enhances the images from the corrupted status to the noise-free status. Many methods have been published in the literature to remove the salt  and pepper noise in various image types. This survey paper makes an analysis on noise removal by considering the key-characteristics of the denoising field. This extended survey studies around 45 papers to impart the knowledge of denoising techniques for the young researches. The comparison  part is built-up via the fields such as algorithm-name, merit, demerit, MSE and input image-type. This survey assesses the working methodology of each paper with brief description, and it also handles about the target of each paper. This survey lights on the path of the fresh-researchers in the image-denoising field, to decide their target method with better adaptability to their research, because image denoising is the primary task for majority of image processing tasks.

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