Helping Attitude and Mindful Attention of the Extrovert, Introvert and Ambivert Boys and Girls: A Correlational Study of the Higher Secondary School Students of Dibrugarh District

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Bijoy Sarak, Dipen Patra


Mindful attention has been defined as a human's ability to use thought, processes as a means to regulate one’s behaviour. Mindful attention improves attention regulation; benefits physical and psychological state reduces stress and facilitates emotion regulation. Helping attitude is the quality of the individual which benefits the giver as well as the receiver. It is the standard of unselfish concern for the welfare of others not putting themselves first but being willing to offer their time, money and effort, etc. for the benefit of others. This study has been focused on the relationship between mindful attention and helping attitude of the different personality traits students of higher secondary classes of Dibrugarh District. Both primary and secondary data has been used for the purpose of the study. Primary data has been collected from the higher secondary school students of Dibrugarh district.

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