Develop of Training Based on the Competency Model for the Adiwiyata School Team

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Agus Teguh Prihartono , Rusdinal , Nurhasan Syah


This research was motivated by the absence of valid, practical, and effective guidelines and training tools for the Adiwiyata Team in the implementation of the Movement Environment Care and Culture (MECC) in the schools.  The objectives of the research were to analyze the training of the School Adiwiyata Team in the current implementation of the MECC, and to determine the validity, practicality, and effectiveness of the school Adiwiyata team training model in the implementation of the MECC. The method used is  Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) model. The results of the development are in the form of products, namely 1) Competency-Based training model book which is proven to be valid with a value of 0.88 (Very High); 2) Trainer's handbook is proven valid with a value of 0.85 (Very High) and participant's book is proven valid with value 0.93 (Very High). It is known that this competency-based training model is proven to be practical with an average value of K = 0.86 (Very High) and is proven to significantly improve the competence of the Adiwyata School Team with a sig value of 0.00 <0.05.  It was concluded that the developed model proved to be valid, practical, and effective. The research results imply that the competency-based training model can be applied in the MECC training for the Adiwiyata school team. It is recommended that 1) the MECC guidance team at the central and provincial levels socialize the competency-based training model to the Adiwiyata school team; and 2) the Implementation of competency-based training is carried out according to the references in the model book.

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