COVID -19 Crisis, Online Barriers in Learning English, and Remedial Techniques for an Effective Virtual Teaching

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Dr. Ravipati Kumara Swamy, Dr. Siva Nagaiah Bolleddu


In the current global scenario of the wide spread of the global virus COVID ’19,online classrooms emerged into a big platform in teaching-learning process across the world. Besides changing global trends, the spread of Corona virus keeps the demand alive to use the technology daily including the education.

Unfortunately, some students use mobile phones for online classes which prevent the full pledged learning. In olden days, the channels of communication were limited such as sending manual letters or mouth to mouth communication which the oral transmission. Now there is a plethora of apps and e- platforms to voice or to share one’s knowledge. The process a shift due to the wide spread of COVID-19. What manner ofcommunication allows the student to learn more, whether it is the virtual way of teaching? inventions, the use of technology for an online classroom communication has its pros and cons. Key Words: Online Teaching- Learning- Methods - Affected- Communication Skills-Interpersonal Skills-Relations- Barriers.

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