Creating Environmental And Restorative Opportunities For Student's Happiness In School

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Vandana, Dr. Dayal Pyari, Dr. Rajesh Kumar


This research article attempts to explore how the environment affects students’ lives. This research’s basic premise is to state that students grow up in families, schools, peer groups, sports teams, religious organizations, and many other environments. Each of these settings or environments is a source of information, experiences, and risks with opportunities to develop. This article provides a set of lenses to visualize the contextual effects of those various settings on a student's behavior. The present research has used perception scales and interviews, which suggest that places where students go and behave, are the primary determinants of their behavior. As a result, happiness is realized, and these places, times, and practices unite to form the restorative environment in the course of their development. It is the one for which we can say that behavior settings also shape students’ best predictive behavior and their daily school life ethos. Such a type of environment is needed and the restoration of such an environment for students’ happiness is equally important. It is not the work of teachers, principals or few staff members but it is the joint effort of the whole school system including academic, administrative, other staff, peers, and parents.

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