Impacts Of Seemai Karuvelam (Prosopis Juliflora) Charcoal Heap Units In Ramanathapuram District Of Tamil Nadu

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Community entrepreneurship is one of the conventional methods of self employment activities of local people with available resources.   Seemai karuvelam charcoal heap units are one of the traditional way to convert the wood into charcoal which in used in hotel, fireworks, laundering etc. Environmental aspects of wood energy use are diverse. They range from local land use to global climate change and from applications in smoky kitchens to electricity generation in large-scale power stations. Consequently environmental impacts of wood energy use and production can be both positive and negative, and an assessment of these impacts should always be part of wood energy policy making.  Seemai  karuvelam charcoal heap units is one of the environmental of its smoke and activities which directly affect the environment of its smoke and the seemai karuvelam will affect the ground water. Therefore, there is a need of understanding the Seemai karuvelam charcoal heap units and its impact on socio-economic and environmental aspects. 


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