Determinants Of Customer Satisfaction From Commercial Banks Retail Services

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Azamat Botirov, Egamkul Nosirov, Shokhjahon Elmurodov


This paper studies the determinants of customer satisfaction in retail services in banking in Uzbekistan. The survey has been conducted, and results have been analyzed to get data for analysis. According to the results, several conclusions have been made.  

As a result of customer satisfaction, the banking industry is a key player in ensuring economic development. Furthermore, the existence of bank branches is the essential determinant of satisfaction, and those with a university education appreciate it more.

Customer satisfaction is influenced by core service quality, social benefits, confidence advantages, and the physical environment. Furthermore, the results of liner regression show that these four independent factors have a 72 percent influence on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, there is a strong link between customer happiness and special treatment benefits and accessibility. The interest rates of all competing banks are more or less identical due to central bank control. Because product differentiation in the financial business is challenging, banks must focus on the elements listed above to get an advantage over their competitors.


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