Online Education in the midst of CoViD-19 Pandemic: Evidences from the Lenses of IT Students

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Ray John M. Ramos, Rhiza Grace A. Ramos, Rosalinda N. Espaldon, Divine Grace D. Olano, Sandy E. Laranang, Romiro G. Bautista


Online education in the midst of the CoViD-19 pandemic is challenged by pivotal issues and concerns especially on the integration of creative innovation and skills for literacy, information, media, and technology across all educational environments and topographies these days. This study explored the students' perceptions on the employment of online learning in the midst of CoViD-19 pandemic in a state university in the countryside of the Philippines. Moreover, this study employed the Qualitative Research Design using Case Study as strategy for inquiry. It found out that the online learning is easy to use, accessible, works online and offline – anywhere and everywhere, and improves performances and ability and interaction relevant to the upskilling of competencies. Likewise, the provision of limited interaction, communication issues, and internet connectivity hold the informants from being effective and efficient online learners.  The LMS is not optimized as it mostly functions as a repository of learning materials and the like. It is recommended that the foregoing experiences may be incorporated in retrofitting the online learning facilities in the locale of the study in order to upskill the desired outcomes of this pandemic education.


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