The Limitations Of Freedom And Value Of Authenticity: As Expressed By Amitav Ghosh In Theibis Trilogy

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R. Shanthi, M.A, M.Phil. NET, Dr. V. Srividhya, M.A, M. Phil., Ph.D.,


Life in the modern world has seen many revolutions and transition in all fields. But human life in its journey, with a lot of ups and downs always moves with the hope of staying happy throughout its life. But today’s newspaper and social media are evidences that reveal the unhappiness, struggle and dilemma that has conquered the present scenario of the world. The dilemma that takes the form of existential crisis leaves many humans in the verge of dissatisfaction, distress and suicide and Amitav Ghosh and his concern on this deadly matter is revealed in his writings. HisIbis Trilogy exposes his point of view towards life and shows his agreement with the ideas of existentialism.He insists on the human responsibility of understanding the limitation of freedom an important element of existentialism. Ghosh’s realistic portrayal of his characters and their indifferent situation presents a distinct opportunity of research in the trilogy. And the analysis of the concept helps to reaffirm that knowing the limitations of freedom, providing authenticity to decisionsand acceptance to the situation are the smarter ways to continue the human life without distress and suicide.

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