Quest for Identity in Rohinton Mistry’s Novels

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V. Sudhandra Devi, M.A, M.Phil, Dr. V. SRIVIDHYA, M.A, M. Phil., Ph.D.,


As a social humanist, Rohinton Mistry is outraged by the ongoing atrocities against the poor and oppressed. In his novel A Fine Balance, Mistry makes a concerted effort to alter society by revealing numerous issues. Mistry wants peace to reign in society through recognising and understanding the numerous challenges that people face. The topic of condemnation of fight for identity and survival is an unmistakable characteristic of Mistry's humanism. His protagonists' ambitions and goals are intertwined with hope and sadness over the current world's life. Through his works, Mistry portrays the basic ambivalence of ordinary people as both a realist and a humanist. His revolutionary thoughts can be seen in his humanistic values and arts concept. All types of feudal exploitation and oppression, particularly the wicked social practises of casteism and untouchability, benefit the oppressed and suffering. As a result, Mistry has emerged as a spokesperson for the revolution. The major goal of this paper is to depict the problems that the characters encounter in today's world.

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