Features of drama in the artist's drawings, Naziha Selim

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Saja Ahmed Hasan, Dr.Munther Fadhel Hasan


The importance of the research came in that it lays the foundations for a phenomenon that draws attention in the field of contemporary Iraqi art, as it requires revealing its characteristics and reasons first, and its aesthetic work in the artistic achievement secondly, through investigation and research in it academically, in order to capture its artistic features, conceptual references, connotations, and intellectual and aesthetic foundations, and sought The aim of the current research is to identify (features of drama in the drawings of the artist Naziha Selim) and the problem of the current research arose in an attempt to know: - What are the characteristics of the drama in the drawings of the artist Naziha Selim through the achievements of the artist for the period (1960-1970) to study the artworks of the artist’s drawings in Iraq As for the theoretical framework, it included two topics, the first (the concept of drama, its elements and characteristics) and the second (the references to contemporary Iraqi art). The artist interacted between darkness and light to create an atmosphere full of contrast and drama. The research also resulted in the most important recommendations, including: - Benefiting from the current research in teaching history. Art is the intellectual and aesthetic characteristics that stand behind every artistic direction.

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