A New Technological Dimension In The Hrm - Finding The Correlation Between Artificial Intelligence Applications And Green Human Resource Management

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Farhan Alvi


Aim: The aim of this research was to assess the moderating effect of technological dimensions in HRM among the relationship of artificial intelligence applications and green HRM.


Method: Quantitative research design was adopted wherein data was gathered from a survey questionnaire from 301 participants. The data was analysed through the SEM technique, in which path analysis and CFA analysis were carried out. 


Findings: The findings revealed a significant correlation between AI applications and green HRM. It was also revealed that technological dimensions strongly impact or moderate the strength of the relationship between AI applications and green HRM. The moderation of the HRM system and e-recruitment was identified to be significant. Whereas, the moderation of integrated performance management system was determined to be insignificant among the relationship of AI applications and green HRM.


Conclusions: It can be concluded that contemporary HRM needs to adopt AI, be it as a tool, product, software, method or technique, to improve their performance from recruitment and selection to performance. This is to effectively survive and compete in the current complicated and highly competitive business environment to obtain a competitive advantage and enhanced image in the global business market.


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