To Analyze The Problems And Obstacles That Faculty Face In Their Personal Life And Professional Life Due To Gender Discrimination In Government Universities Of Haryana

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Deepa Sharma, Dr. Cheshta Kashyap


Gender discrimination is an unpleasant reality of the present day. Gender discrimination is a product of traditionalist and conservative thinking by the contractors of society. According to the time, there has been a change in thinking but keeping in mind our personal interest. Child-rearing gaps are the starting point of gender discrimination from the very beginning. Thus, they also experience gender discrimination in the work environment like women. So this theme of gender discrimination highlights the condition of women, as well as the working male class, facing gender discrimination. Still, it is an undeniable reality that both sides face discrimination in the workplace. One of the thinking and desires of the people living in India is that they find an administrative line of work here and there. As they are passionate about government jobs and get benefits after retirement and life goes on without any hitch. This paper finds the problems and obstacles that faculty have to face in their personal life and professional life due to gender discrimination in government universities of Haryana.

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