The Post Maternity Psychological Challenges With Reference To Work Life Balance Faced By Women Employee In Banking Sector Of Haryana

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Dr. Ranjeet Verma, Mandeep Kaur


The role of working women in banking sector is very important, as the banking sector both public as well as private is growing leaps and bounds since liberalization policy. The study reveals that working women participation in banking sector can not be ignored but the challenges faced by women employees in the sector are more due to multiple role of women as mother, wife and daughter-in-law. Working mothers in Indian society faces many hurdles and problems as the social structure of Indian society is very much different compared to the western culture. Role of working mother address many facets which includes handling family issues, social issues and justifying the work for the sake of helping the family in terms of economic needs. In this study an attempt has been made to find out the work life balance post maternity challenges faced by the women employees working in both public as well as private sector banks in Haryana.

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