The Development And Validation Of Clothing Preference Scale (Cps)

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Payal Kanwar Chandel, Yogita Sharma


Clothing is not only the covering of body using sheets made of natural or man-made fibres, but it is the visible attitude, identity, values and personality that one wears to show the world ‘who he is’, this makes it more of a psychological phenomenon and thus demands a measurement tool that can measure Clothing Preference of an individual. The present research is aimed to understand the factors that frame this preference among young adults. The purpose of this research is development of a Clothing Preference Scale (CPS), to assess the clothing preference of student population. This 21-item scale measures clothing preference based on four dimensions i.e., Appearance, Experimenting, Identity, and Media on a 5-point Likert scale. The scale is standardized on 359 regular students, who were either enrolled in high schools  or colleges of Jaipur city (Rajasthan). The scale it has its application in clothing and textile industries for creating styles, colors, patterns etc. that are preferred by public (neuro-marketing). It will help the researchers to understand the psychological aspects of clothing preference among young adults.

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