A Study On Leadership Style And School Effectiveness Of B.Ed. Students In Dharmapuri District

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K.Kanniammal, Dr.K.Vellaichamy


Society is constantly changing, and the purpose of education is to enable students to function in their current environment while also preparing them for the future. As a result, education must adapt to these changes. In a nutshell, any society's advancement is largely determined by its educational standards, and one of the most essential aspects in this regard is the presence of capable head teachers and instructors who can contribute significantly to school performance. We should examine the role of education, educational leaders, headmasters, instructors, and institutions in creating favourable conditions for advancement in general. According to the findings, there is a significant link between leadership style and school effectiveness. The qualities of B.Ed student teachers' leadership styles are related to the characteristics of school effectiveness. Both teacher satisfaction and student learning are heavily influenced by school leadership. Educators who like their work will have a higher degree of organisational dedication, which will assist pupils greatly. Leaders that use an integrated leadership style can build a positive culture that leads to improved school performance.

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