A Study On Job Satisfaction Of Higher Secondary School Teachers In Chengalpattu District

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G.Bhuvaneswari, Dr.D.Baskaran


In this paper the researcher analyses the job satisfaction of the school teachers. Teachers are the heart and soul of education. Education plays an important role in the development of any nation. Hence, it is required to give top priority to the educational system which is possible mainly through teachers, in whose hands the destiny of our coming generation is placed. The study is intended to identify and examine the dimensions of job satisfaction, school climate, institutional commitment, and the impact of school climate on overall job satisfaction and institutional commitment of teachers. To examine the factors affecting job satisfaction of teachers in Chengalpattu District. The questionnaire for teachers consisted of 36 statements recorded on a three-point scale to examine job satisfaction and the factors affecting the overall job satisfaction. A classical Cronbach Alpha Model for reliability was attempted. Table 4 is inferred that the means score value of rural school teachers 59.83, and the means score value of urban school teachers 60.09. The table value is 1.96 is higher than the calculated value ‘t’ value. There is no significant difference in the job satisfaction of the Higher secondary school teachers working in rural and urban schools, Hence the null hypothesis is accepted. Moreover, Overall Job Satisfaction significantly influences teachers'‟ commitment towards work assignment, commitment towards image building activities and commitment towards their institution.

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