A Study To Measure The Customer Perception Towards Green Products- With Reference To Thiruvanathapuram

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Aswathy TR, Dr. N. Arun Fred


In recent picture all consumers were aware about degradation of the environment and also the importance of eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly products are good for environment, have better quality/performance and also are high priced. Perception of consumers is important in the purchase decision of organic food consumption. The perception is the formed as a result of interpreting the experience. The study analyses the perception of customers towards green product on the basis of variables like Expectation, Awareness, Experience and Service Quality. The study is useful to the green entrepreneurs who wish to start a new venture with echo friendly product, as it reveals perception of customers on green product. The structured equation model was adopted here to know the fitness of constructs and the contribution of each factor to customer perception. The questionnaire survey method also has been used to collect the data from 400 consumers across Thiruvananthapuram. For the purpose of collecting data the study area is divided into Talukes and then again divided into villages and identified the green shops in each village. Thus multistage sampling method is used for collecting data. The results reveal that all constructs like Expectation, Awareness, Experience and Service Quality are the major contributing to determine the perception of customers. Out of this expectation is the dominant factor in determining the customer’s perception. Thus the expectations of the green product with regard to the different socio-demographic factors like gender, age, level of income, occupation, location, educational qualification were also analysed. However the perception of customers towards green products opens up the new opportunities for eco-friendly entrepreneurs.

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