The Role of Faith in the Lived Experiences of Patients with Covid-19

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Dr. Henry Bernardo, Dr. Gladiolus Gatdula, Dr. Marnon Regis, Dr. John Casidsid, Domingo Reblora, Jr., Dr. Mariano Thomas Ramirez


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused so much suffering, uncertainties, and disruptions in people’s lives worldwide.  Everyone has a personal story related to this pandemic.  But those who survived the disease have specific stories to tell.  This phenomenological study tried to understand the lived experience of patients with Covid-19.  An interpretive analysis of data gathered through in-depth interviews of six participants revealed four themes that describe the participants’ experiences, namely:  constant fear, intense pain and suffering, test of resilience, and moment of faith.  This study further revealed that participants’ fear is focused not only on the negative effects of the disease to themselves but also on the effect of their being sick to their loved ones.  Likewise, this study revealed that the participants’ suffering is both physical and emotional which served as a test for their resilience and led them to a deeper spiritual realization and closer relationship with God.  Thus, this study surmised that the participants’ faith made them resilient in coping with suffering while their pain and suffering served as opportunities for spiritual growth and further faith development.  Finally, this study provides additional information and suggestions to improve the treatment and supervision of Covid-19 patients.

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