Analysis of the structure of Public Expenditures and the role of oil price fluctuations in Iraq after 2004

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Alia Hanitel Hassan , Assist.Prof. Sundus Jasim Shaaibith


      Oil is one of the important economic resources, especially in rentier economies, and since Iraq is a one-sided economy, the revenues from crude oil have a high percentage of contribution to the financing of public expenditures. In directing Public Expenditures by influencing the volume of revenues from crude oil in Iraq and the extent to which they are related to fluctuations and changes in oil prices, and therefore aimed at analyzing the fluctuations in crude oil prices, as well as analyzing the relationship between changes in crude oil prices and Public Expenditures in Iraq for the period (2004-2019) The most important results that were reached were that oil prices are characterized by severe fluctuations and instability, whose effects were reflected in changing the volume of Public Expenditures in a volatile manner, and current expenditures were controlled by them. The second focuses on the evolution of crude oil prices and the structure of public expenditures, while the third includes an analysis of the relationship between oil prices and public expenditures.

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