The Topical Potential of Strategic Manoeuvring in selected novel

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Shaymaa Mahdi Oleiwi Algretawee, Asst. Prof. Dr. Haider Kadhim Bairmani


Strategic Maneuvering is subsumed under the pragmatic field. It has been found the critical discussion and developed by Eemeren and Houtlosser. The problem statement for this study is how to look into the Topical Potential of Strategic Manoeuvring in a selected novel. The goal of this research is to identify the different types of strategic maneuvering that appear in the text, as well as to investigate the most common type of strategic maneuvering. This study also traces the most common types of Topical potential frequently employed in the selected This research also highlights the presentational device(s) most frequently employed within the information under investigation. The research leads to several conclusions; throughout the novel, assertive speaking act with topical potential is used repeatedly.

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