Lived Experiences of Caregivers’ of Chronically Schizophrenic Patients: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study

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Ms. Bergeri Akkamahadevi Subbaiah, Mr. Bahubali J. Geddugol


Increasingly, “health without mental health” underscores the fact that mental health is a fundamental and basic dimension of health. Mental disorders had a significant burden of morbidity and disability; whereas few illnesses expose the individual to extreme mortality as well. Different mental illness which are chronic in its course have lifelong effects, this influence lasts for a long time and gradually leads to a poor quality of life for these people and their families1.

Qualitative approach was used to explore the experiences of caregivers of chronically schizophrenic patients. Non probability purposive sampling technique was used. The tool consisted of demographic profile and guidelines. The data was collected through one to one in-depth semi structured interview. Saturation of data was achieved with 14 samples. The pilot study was performed on 3 samples that had consented to participate in the study at Saishwari Clinic For Mental Health, Miraj from 12 December 2020 to 22 December 2020. The final study was conducted from 21st January 2021 to 3rd February 2021 at Bharati Hospital, Sangli and Saishwari Clinic For Mental Health, Miraj. Total 14 samples were selected and thematic analysis was based on the Collaizis method to analyse the collected data. Based on commonalities within the data, themes and categories were formulated. A total of 9 themes, 22 sub themes and 46 codes were generated. The conceptual framework was prepared by the researcher based on themes and sub themes generated.

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