Reduce The Pendency Of Cases In The Supreme Court Of India By Introducing Court Of Appeal

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Ramu Vutukuri , Dr. Ajaymeet Singh


“The Supreme Court of India sits at the pinnacle in hierarchy in the judicial system of India. Initially, it was established basically for the purpose of resolving intricate constitutional issues. However, over the past 25 years, the burden on the Supreme Court of India has increased tremendously as it has actually become a regular court of appeal due to the misuse of Article 136 of the Indian Constitution. The number of Judges in the Supreme Court has been increased from 7 in 1950 to 34 in 2021. But it does not seem to have helped a great deal in reducing the mounting pendency of cases. Therefore, we need to explore other options for reducing this pendency. Through this research paper, the authors have suggested that Courts of Appeal with five regional benches need to be established between the High Courts and the Supreme Court. Courts of Appeal are running successfully in several countries including the United Kingdom and USA. In the end, some suggestions are proffered for the establishment of Courts of Appeal in India and the distribution of work amongst them.”

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