A Novel Approach for Women Security with Information Fusion for Multi-Sensory Data

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Priyanka K. Suryawanshi , Prof. Dr. Amol K. Kadam , Prof. Vinayak N.Patil, Prof. Gauri Rao


In the modern world; technology is the asset of the development. There is demand of automation in every sector. Such type of autonomous applications requires inputs from multiple sensory resources and based on these inputs it processes and deliver intelligent decision i.e. output. The method used in proposed system focuses on collection of sensory information and few concluding parameters derivations from data which will help to decide taking best decisions for autonomous applications. Drawing conclusion based on only one aspect is not effective as compared to conclusions taken from many other heterogeneous sensors parameters. This system fulfills parameters such as accuracy, less request time and response time, performance, reliability etc. This paper explains safe and secure system which uses unsupervised algorithm that works on real time data and mixes the information from various resources. The main interest is by taking intelligent decision based on reduction of unreliability and disordered sensory data.Women being a major victim in today’s world with their entry in almost each field their safety is a priority and with our concept and algorithm we have illustrated it as a system for sensory fusion with GPS enabled double security feature which will help a women when she feels insecure or harassed or in a difficult situation.System has smart feature to ensure complete safety of women even in dangerous situation where she cannot turn on the trigger. The system comprises of ATmega328P microcontroller, GPS, LCD display, fingerprint module, GPS, GSM etc. for proper and accurate working of the system to provide reliable, accurate and quickservice which efficiently work for safety of women.

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