Missing female foetus: A study of judicial perspectives on PC and PNDT Act, 1994

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Dr Priya A Sondhi, Anoop Kumar, Ankur Pahade


The 2021 census does not show a very good picture of the sex ratio in India. The missing female feotues are a great challenge for society and administration. Though we have PC and PNDT Act for prevention of female foeticide, there are various issues of interpretation which have been addressed by the judiciary. This article aims at evaluation of the issues and their interpretation so that through constructive implementation we are able to pave our way to a better gender balance in our society. The article begins with the proportion of the challenge of missing female foetus

The judicial stance has been tilted towards complete prohibition of sex determination even in case of surrogacy and test tube babies. Similarly public interest seems to be the thread running around the judicial precedents. Nevertheless, effectiveness of these judicial precedent lies in a change of attitude towards girl child.

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