The Supply Chain Management of the Vannamei Shrimp in Nakhon Pathom Province

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Kraiwit Sinthukhammoon, Anchalee Hiranphaet, Wissawa Aunyawong, Suttipong Chaladtanyakit


This study aims to find and analyze the supply chain management model of Vannamei shrimp in Nakhon Pathom province using SCOR Model. The questionnaire and interview form were used as research instruments. The sample was Vannamei shrimp farmers who live in Nakhon Pathom province. The 359 samples were questionnaire respondents and 32 samples, using purposive sampling, were interviewees. The data, gathered form questionnaires, were analyzed by using descriptive statistics. While, the data, obtained from the interviews, were analyzed, summarized, and discussed by capturing Traits as the main point. The results found that Vannamei shrimp farmers in Nakhon Pathom province had the supply chain management using their experience and familiarity in each activity. The processes of plan and source made the yield of each farmer different. In delivery, most customers received products themselves. The farmers needed the assistance from the public and private agencies in providing knowledge about product information, pushing the product price, and promoting agro-tourism in Nakhon Pathom so as to add value to agricultural Vannamei shrimp products.

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