The effect of Adelson's model on the achievement of rhetoric and application among fifth-grade literary students

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Asraa S. Hussein, Saad S. Taban


    The research aims to identify the impact of the Adelson model on the achievement of rhetoric and application among the literary fifth grade students. The researcher adopted the experimental method as it is the appropriate method for the nature of her research, and she chose a design from the partial control designs, which is the design of the experimental group and the random control group, the choice with the post-test, and the researcher chose by A random sample of her research consisting of (30) female students was divided into two groups of (15) female students in the experimental group and (15) female students in the control group the mothers, and the degrees of the former scientist in the subject of the Arabic language and the language ability test. (At the end of the experiment, the results showed the superiority of the students who studied the subject of rhetoric and application according to the Adelson model over the students of the control group who studied the same subject in the standard traditional way.

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