Eating Habits Among University Students

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Qamar Javeed, Yasmeen Tabassum, Maheen Hashim Khan Burki, Zafar Iqbal Butt, Adnan Ahmed, Sidra Tull Muntha


Eating habits are a major concern about the health status of university students. This study aimed to identify patterns of eating habits among university students. The nature of the study was quantitative in which data were gathered with a self-administered questionnaire encompassing questions on sociodemographics and eating habits, which were evaluated by students on a 3-point Likert Type Scale. The population was BS and M.Sc. Physical Education students aged 18–26,  the sample was collected 200 from males and females students of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences,  University of the Punjab, Lahore, using a simple random sampling technique. Overall results showed students have a variety of food every day (Sig. .000), Students take three-time meals regularly (Sig. .000). Similarly, results of most statements have been marked as highly significant (Sig. .000) which were encircled by students like, count of calories intake, take whole grain food, eating more when feeling stress, very strict on their meal timing, take balanced diet, habitual of taking tea, tried to fad diets and so on. It is recommended that a balanced diet heaving on time has a substantial effect on student's health.

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