The Effectiveness Of Blended Learning In Efl Context: An Experimental Study At Arab Open University-Ksa

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Dr. Yousef Houssni Zrekat


Blended learning has been acknowledged as among the top 10 emerging trends in the field of knowledge delivery as identified by the American Society for Training (Alzahrani 2017). Its significant development in the context of higher education and corporate training is driven by the various advancements in technology as well as the wider access to information and communication technologies. Along with this development is the growing research interest on the concept of the approach. Blended learning use expanded in the past few years due to the pandemic of COVID-19 where the world shifted its learning from face to face into online learning. Therefore, the current study is one of such, investigating the effectiveness of adopting blended learning particularly in improving the English language capacity of the students at Arab Open University in Saudi Arabia. The results shown improvement in students’ learning outcome and Support students’ foreign language learning in informal settings. The current study recommends the need to develop the strategies used by tutors at Arab Open University to enhance the use of blended learning as well as developing the infrastructure that would support blended learning. 

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