Abuse and Violence Against Women and Children Behind the Bars: Content Analysis

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Muniera Khalifa Almabrouk Aldiga, Albattat, Ahmad, Wan Zokhri Bin Wan Idris


In recent years, both within and beyond the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, women's issues in armed conflict have gotten more attention. Resolutions affecting the entire Movement, as well as more specific decisions taken within the International C, demonstrate a desire to better address the challenges that women experience. This study tries to uncover abuse and violence against women and children in jails by analysing data from published reports and articles. The undersigned organisations are worried about rising levels of violence against women in Libya's civic space and criticise Libya's government for failing to keep their pledges. Authorities were advised to expect the worst, according to the analysis. Institutes for women's safety research and training Reactivating the hotline and ensuring that women who have been victims of domestic violence have access to a variety of resources. Statistics on violence against women and girls are updated once a month. Protecting female migrants from abuse and exploitation while providing crucial support and combating human trafficking. With the participation of the ministries of Culture, Social Affairs, Endowments, Health, and Media, raising public awareness and boosting social mobilisation through media programmes and educational seminars. To ensure a correct and healthy reaction to situations of violence against women, including domestic abuse, law enforcement professionals should be taught, and the number of female cops should be increased

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