The Role of Folklore in the Development of Russian Literature (On the Example of the Stories of A. Platonov and S. Aflatuni)

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Egamberdieva Guzal Madiyarovna , Kaminskaya Elena Mikhaylovna , Baltabaeva Aziza Mannabovna , Madinabonu Akhmedova ,Sadinova Dilfuza Umirovna


It is known that in folklore there are epic genres that reflect life events based on the narrative, lyric genres, which are based on the deepest feelings and experiences, as well as genres of a dramatic nature, depicting life in motion through the scene. If we consider them from the point of view of artistic form, then they are divided mainly into works of a poetic and prosaic nature. Among genres, this principle can also exist in a mixed form. The almost equal involvement of prose and poetry in distant, and, in addition, the manifestation of qualities related to music and song performance in this genre, confirms that he has a syncretic character. On the example of analysis of prose A. Platonov and S. Aflatuni, all this proved and disclosed.

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