The Influence of Language Style on Buying Intention by using Mediating İmpact of Perceived Credibility: Empirical Study in Pakistan

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Qamar Hussain , Dr. Sidra Ghazanfar , Dr. Muhammad Abdullah , Waqar Ahmad


Current research investigating the new impact of the language style of online reviews (figuratively compared to reality) on customer loyalty and perceived purchasing use of figurative language to advertise product quality and social presence was encouraged in previous marketing research. The theory of expectation was adopted by Victor Vroom, used in this study. It says that one can act or behave in a certain way because they are encouraged to choose a certain way of conduct above others because of the output of that job. Google Forms queries were created to collect data from people who bought online. They were divided into two groups. This idea is echoed by the example of 334 Pakistani students. Outcomes were assessed using a structural measurement model (SPSS). The findings show that consumer buying intentions are influenced by the language style of online reviews and their apparent reliability. Virtual reviews, unlike symbolic reviews, can increase users' desire to purchase search products. Consumer willingness to purchase experience products can be enhanced by symbolic reviews. In the case of Pakistani consumers relying on online shopping is not good. They think that these platforms are not worth trusting. With the help of Virtual Updates' we can build customers who rely on online shopping.


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