Financial Literacy among the Academicians: A Study of Haryana

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Dr. Manoj Kumar, Annu


Due to growing intricacies of financial markets and rapid increase in number and nature of financial investment, it becomes difficult for an individual to make informed financial decisions. It leads to the growing importance of financial literacy.

Research Objective:The objective of this study is to assess the financial literacy level among academicians in the state of Haryana. The study also measures that whether there is any association between the demographic variables and level of financial literacy of academicians in the state of Haryana.

Research Methodology:Descriptive cum exploratory research design is used for present study. Data was collected by from 600 academicians from schools, colleges and universities of 6 districts in Haryana. Data was analyzed by using Descriptive statistics, chi-square test and logistic regression analysis. To check the impact of demographic variables on financial literacy, Logistic regression analysis was used.

Findings: Average score of financial literacy of academicians in the Haryana is 10.52. This study found that financial literacy of academicians was not significantly related with age, Gender, conjugal status (marital status), teaching experience and educational qualification of the respondents. Residential status, discipline of study, teaching level, type of employer, monthly income and district of the respondents were found significantly associated with level of financial literacy.

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