Integration of Entrepreneurial Skills in Primary and Secondary Education based on 21st Century Pedagogy

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Vijaya Kumari, Dr. Shaheema Hameed, Dr. Latha Krishnadas Mazumder


This article evaluates the importance of teaching entrepreneurial skills in education at primary and secondary levels. It also discusses the narrow and wide definitions of being entrepreneurial. This article compares entrepreneurial education to other instructional teaching methods and it explains to a great extent why entrepreneurial education can initiate much greater levels of enthusiasm, commitment, thoughtful and reflective learning than can other instructional methodologies. The study conducted a survey through a questionnaire, and the respondents were 175 school teachers in the UAE. The study examined the importance of teaching entrepreneurial skills in school students. Data analysis shows that the pedagogical practice leads to the development of entrepreneurial skills. There is statistically no significant relationship of gender with entrepreneurial variable. UAE has more female teachers than male teachers, and the data may not be accurate as data is highly skewed towards females.

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