A Green Approach Towards Hybrid Cloud Operability

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Rohit Goyal , Amit Kumar, Rakesh Ranjan


With increase in demand of technology and orchestration, the cloud computing can be seen on trail now days in respect of almost every field. But due to the advancement and growth of clouds, there has been an indiscriminately increase in power consumption because of data centers hosting, In fact Cloud applications consume huge amounts of energy, contributing to high operational costs and carbon footprints to the environment. And moreover existing and new technologies and tools are leveraged to realize these classes of variability. This paper proposes a new approach to reduce energy utilization in data centers with an optimization of clouds application through hybrid clouds. Further, we cover architectural principles to follow during the design of flexible cloud applications and we introduce an abstract architectural pattern to enable data variability. To increase the number of customers, a flexible application design is of major importance. It enables customers to adjust the application to their individual needs in a self-service manner.

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