The Effect Of The Logical (Mathematical) Intelligence Strategy On The Achievement Of The Fourth Preparatory Students In Physics

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Ass. Prof. Dr. Zainab Ali Hadi , Ali Majid Bressem


The current research aims to identify the effect of the logical intelligence strategy (mathematical) on the achievement of the fourth preparatory students in physics, and in light of this, the researcher formulated the following null hypothesis:

  • There is no statistically significant difference at the level (0.05) between the average grades of the experimental group students who study physics according to the logical intelligence strategy (mathematical) and the average grades of the control group students who study the same subject in the usual way in the achievement test.

The study sample, which was chosen by the intentional method, consisted of (30) students of the fourth scientific grade, and they were randomly distributed into an experimental group consisting of (15) students, and a control group consisting of (15) students, the two research groups were rewarded with the variables (chronological age calculated in months, intelligence test (Raven), previous information test, previous achievement in physics).

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