Historical Research on Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: A Bibliometric Analysis

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Seema Bamel, Shveta Singh


Corporate Social Responsibility and its Disclosure are very significant nowadays to survive, grow and earn a competitive advantage. It helps the organisation's stakeholders in decision-making. Thus, the systematic review is highly in need. This study conducted an extensive review of Corporate Governance (CG) and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure (CSRD). Also conducted Bibliometric Analysis of available literature related to the Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure on Web of Science Database from 2005-2021. The study found 81 documents using the keyword Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure. We examined the 81 documents to learn about CSRD Publications' publishing trends, the top publications, the most productive countries, research areas, document types, Keyword analysis, prominent authors, co-authorship, citation, and co-citation analysis. Bibliometric data is analyzed and presented graphically with the help of VOS-viewer software. The results indicate that CSRD has an increasing publishing trend. Business Economics is the most famous Research Area. Most of the documents are of article type. The top publication belongs to the Dhaliwal, Radhakrishnan, Tsang, and Yang, with 475 citations. China is the most productive country in terms of research publications related to CSRD. The most frequently used Keyword is ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

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