A Study on the Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Insurance Marketing

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Uma Dubey, Dr. Madhu Dixit


 Insurance is basically a service not a product that is provided to clients for a lifetime experience, but it has to be wonderful experience not a terrible one. Different customers experience different experiences in the services provided by insurance, the difference lies in how the service is advertised and traded to customers Vis a Vis, how it is distributed and implemented when the claims rise. If we look at the advertising strategies there is a range of resources  that are easily available for marketing ( advertising ) like TV set , bill-boards , radio , magazines , prints , publication by industries , leaflets and corporate cards of managers , or any other online platforms like social media . No matter how many resources and strategies are implemented, the necessity of the public to get their house, transport, health and various other assets protected against any risk is unavoidable .The generation of today also referred as Gen-Y, they prefer to get themselves involved with their insurance companies digital platforms or medium like cell phones, e-mail, apps that use internet, or through social media.

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