QSPR Analysis of KCDCoindices for Chemical Structures of COVID-19 Regimen Drugs used in Therapeutic Management

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Keerthi G. Mirajkar, Anuradha V. Deshpande


The present research paper deals with the applicability study of KCD coindices in predicting the physical properties of drugs prescribed for COVID-19 treatment. In this research article, vertex and edge degree based topological coindices i.e., KCD coindices are used to investigate the theoretic properties of some COVID-19 regimen drugs for the symptoms of mild, moderate to severe disease and mucormycosis infection which are mentioned in the AIIMS and IMA guidelines respectively. Quantitative Structure Property Relationship (QSPR) is established between KCD coindices and the physical properties of afore mentioned regimen drugs. The derived results reveal the strong positive correlation with the physical properties of drugs. Thus these results can help in designing new medicines for the treatment of COVID-19 and mucormycosis. Hence KCD coindices have promising aspects in QSPR studies to investigate the physical properties of various drugs

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