Self-Help Group movement has made great strides in the fields of women empowerment.

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Irshad Ahmad Reshi, Dr .T Sudha


Since women contain most of the populace underneath the destitution line and are regularly in circumstances of extraordinary deprivation, given the real brutal factors of the intra-family unit and social separation, macroeconomic approaches and destitution destruction projects will explicitly address the requirements and issues of such women. There will be improved usage of projects which are now women arranged with special focus for women. Out of these projects. SHGs are one of the conspicuous programs to accomplish women empowerment. In this foundation, the current investigation is picked to know progress women empowerment through SHGs in District Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir. To accomplish the above-said target information assembled from Primary data with a well- structured questionnaire, SHGs improve women's income status after joining the group.

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