Development on the Strategies of Omni Channel Marketing to Build the Customer Loyalty

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Dararat Vichitsopapan, Sudawan Somjai, Ananta Rusmee


The objectives of this research were 1) to study the factors affecting the customer loyalty and 2) to study the Omni Channel Marketing model. The mixed research methods were used namely the quantitative research and qualitative research. In terms of quantitative research, the sample group consisted of 420 service users of AIS Telewiz service centers in Bangkok. The data was analyzed with structural equation modeling. In terms of qualitative research, the data was collected from the in-depth interview with 25 key informants. The research results revealed that 1) the relationship quality influenced the customer loyalty the most, followed by the perception of experiences from Omni Channel Marketing, in-store perception of experiences, brand value, and perception of online experiences, respectively. 2) The Omni Channel Marketing model was (2.1) that customers could choose to view products and features through any device channel. All customer information would be saved. The next time of using the services via any channel, the employees were able to offer products and services immediately. (2.2) When the customers considered products from various online channels, the customers could come to see the real products at the AIS Telewiz shop to make the decision again. They could buy products at the shop or the customers could go back to reconsider and order products via online channels. The system will connect to the central AIS and will bring the products of the central warehouse to sell to customers. (2.4) When the customer order product online from the shop, the customer can choose which shop to pick up the product or have it delivered to the customer’s house.

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