Project- Based Learning Implementation Vis-À-Vis Students’ Interest in Public Secondary Schools in the Philippines

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Dr. Jestoni P. Babia, Benedict Al E. Candia


The researcher further sought to orchestrate whether the PBL approach affects 21st-century skills among public secondary schools in the Philippines. Furthermore, this study evaluates the student interest level in terms of course experience, teaching facilitation, and competence level among teachers in classroom instruction as perceived by the teachers, students, and principals. There are 14 schools in the Philippines covering Benguet, Batangas, NCR, Albay, Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol. A total population of 352 respondents composed of 300 students, 38 teachers, and 14 principals. The results are: (1) the student interest levels were significantly very high, (2) teachers and principals perception was relatively very high, (3) there was no significant difference between the teachers and principal perception, and (4) there was a linear relationship existing between enjoyment towards listening ability and encouragement: PBL methodologies yield 73.04%, 61.88% change within student participation during group activities; student interest which was relevant to the PBL activities yields at 52.81%; 67.62% change within students encouragement; 66% change within students’ ability to listen; 74.90% change within student encouragement in PBL sessions and activities. Hence, the opportunities and challenges of implementing PBL are vital for providing adequate training among teachers.

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