Role of Blended Learning in Enhancing Classroom Engagement of Students – An Empirical Study an Empirical Study with Special Refernce to Sri Lanka

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M. A. M. Sameem


Education is the pillar of success. Education and knowledge are very essential to achieve success in life. The tradition of education is the same all over the world but the method of learning is becoming advanced day by day, with the help of new inventions or new thinking laid out by the experts. In the present phase of an educational environment, blended learning has become one of the most significant and popular methods of learning. However, not all educational institutes have adopted the method of blended learning in their institutions. Some of the educational institutions are still lagging in adopting this method. Sri Lanka is one of those countries that is lagging in establishing blended learning in the classroom. With the help of the advancement in technology, it has been easier to establish the blended method of learning. Blended learning plays an important role in the engagement of the students.The present paper is empirical in nature in which a sample of 189 respondents was taken from academic institutions of Sri-Lanka. T-test was applied to analyse the data.

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