Graphic artworks of Immigrant Iraqi artists

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Niseeen Muhammed Hadi


This type of art emerged amongst ancient arts known to Mesopotamian civilization. On this land the first engravings in stone, copper and gold were created. The ancient Iraqis engraved human, animal and plant patterns with extreme precision, which also appeared in other civilizations to serve different functions. These techniques have transformed through time to come back to us in various forms, and with various materials to form what is called today Iraqi Art of Graphics. Our research; “Iraqi Art of Graphics by immigrant artists” includes four chapters:The first chapter: contains the general framework of the research, specifying the research problem summarized by the researcher in the following question: (What are the creations of Iraqi graphic artworks made by immigrant artists?), with this question we specify the goal of the research and its formulation. The researcher also identifies the time periods in which the research is dealing with. The chapter ends in defining the terms and definitions for Linguistic and idiomatic keywords as well as procedural definitions that agree with the researcher's point of view. The second chapter: Contains the theoretical framework and previous studies. It includes two sections, the first topic us under the title (The Origin of Graphics and its Philosophical and Cognitive Acquisitions).  And in this section the researcher writes about writers and philosophers’ points of view about graphic art. And the second topic was entitled (Immigrant Artists of Iraq ), where the researcher touched on the most important elements that helped artists to create artworks. The third chapter: Deals with the research procedures for choosing the research method used in analyzing the sample, and then defining the research community and selecting the sample from it, then selecting the research tool to achieve the goals of the research, and then analyzing the sample models technically.  The fourth chapter: Includes the results and conclusions which the researcher reached by analyzing the research sample, and then presenting practical recommendations and proposals related to the subject of the research to complete its benefit.

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