A Review on Replacement of Soil with Soil plus Sawdust Powder

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V.Teja, Mathri Raghisha


Well for long time, we are facing problem like failure of the structure, one of the reasons behind this is swelling of soil.it is due to unstable nature of the soil. It’s property varies from hard to soft and dry to wet.It exhibits swelling and shrinkage with different water content. As a result of this, structure undergoes settlement and differential movements.Through this project we are about to reduce the swelling & shrinkage of soil by stabilizing it by using saw dust powder. The soil is initially tested without any stabilizing agent. Later various proportions of sawdust powder is added and tested to find in which proportion the soil is more stable.Soil stabilization is the process of improving the engineering properties of the soil and thus making a more stable. It is required the soil available for construction is not suitable for the intended purpose. In its broadest senses, stabilization includes compaction, reconsolidation, drainage, and many other such process. A cementing material or a chemical is added to a natural soil for the purpose of stabilization.

Utilization of saw dust as ash in geotechnical applications is likely provides a better solution. Keeping this in view, an extensive experimental study was carried out to demonstrate the soil improvement prospective of saw dust ash (SDA) by performing California bearing ratio (CBR) and unconfined compression strength tests. The experimental study has revealed that the addition of SDA results a significant increase in CBR and unconfined compressive strength. Furthermore the values of CBR obtained are within the limits recommended by the Asphalt Institute for Highway sub-base and sub-grade. Thus from the present study it is concluded that SDA, an industrial waste, is a cheap satisfactory stabilizing agent for sub-base and base course in clayey fills; although its performance can be improved by combining it with other bonding materials such as saw dust powder

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