The Inclinations of Entrepreneurial Cognitive, Personality Traits and Competencies: The Empirical Study of E-Commerce New Ventures in Malaysia.

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Ahmad Firdause Md Fadzil, Amber Waqar, Mohd Rafi Yaacob, Anis Amira Ab Rahman, Nora'ani Mustapha


Studies on entrepreneurship have revealed its main components over the past three decades, especially for novel venture construction practices, and this has been extensively debated by the scholars. The key actor in the entrepreneurship is the one who is in charge for creating new projects, is an entrepreneur. Most existing studies have researched aspects of entrepreneurial cognitive and personality attributes that have addressed developing new ventures in general, but neglected e-commerce projects. The previous researchers devoted the relatively less attention to entrepreneurial resources that lead to new venture creations in e-commerce. This research attempts to determine the role of the cognitive, personality traits, and abilities contributing to creating innovative e-commerce endeavours in the Malaysia to fill the lacunae. When interviewing 12 e-commerce entrepreneurs from May 2013 until December 2014, the case study methodology was used. The analysis indicated that personal history, job, and business experience are among the main factors in Malaysia's new e-commerce schemes. Seven personality components such as imagination, risk-taking, motivation, the need for autonomy and independence, uncertainty tolerance, hardworking and determination, and optimism are therefore important components of the new e-commerce venture in Malaysia. Previous research studies have also shown that entrepreneurial experience in computer and communication abilities contributes to big steps to develop new projects for e-commerce. Consequently, through fostering entrepreneurs' cognitive capacity, personality characteristics, and enhancing their entrepreneurial skills, in these kind of practises, the government plays an important role. Entrepreneurship is a critical business market that stimulates the country's economic growth by creating new ventures in the future.

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