Studies on phytodiversity of Seethal Bani Sacred grove in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan.

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Sunita Kumari, Dr Parul Gupta


Seethal bani sacred grove located in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan was explored and surveyed to identify plant species available in this sacred grove. In study area 31 plant species were identified belonging to 15 different families. Out of 31 different species 7 species were trees, 3 species were shrubs and remaining 21 species were herbaceous.  In study area invasive species ‘Gajar Ghas’ Parthenium hysterophorus & ‘Vilayati babool’ Prosopis juliflora were also observed. Plant species such as Withania somnifera & Indigofera linnaei were also recorded.  In study area Shannon-Weiner diversity index H' lies between 0.868 for shrubs and 2.539 for herbs. Simpson Dominance index D lies between 0.110-0.472 and Gini-Simpson's Index of diversity (1-D) lies between 0.528-0.890. Bray-Curtis cluster analysis method similarity varies from 4.76% (between sample 4 and 5) to 48.69% (between sample 3 and 4).

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