Privacy Preserving Protocol for Intercloud

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S.Sreeram, Dr.Ashok kumar


Cloud computing plays a vital role in the field of information security. Many numerous data’s are stored in cloud. Resource sharing plays a keen importance in data sharing. When sharing the data the datas which we are going to send should be in an encrypted form so that if any hacker tries to hack the data which he got cannot be used by him. Many protocols have been used to preserve the data as encryption in data sharing. For this encryption system only we are going to propose the concept of trust evaluation protocol. Certain steps are been followed to build up this protocol. First the feedback will be taken separately and it will be encrypted and secondly we have to classify the nature of intercloud activity. Then at last we will introduce the new scheme of trust evaluation protocol which will help in safe guarding the data’s that we are going to share in the cloud storage.

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