The development of bancassurance in Jordan

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Zahraa Salih Hamdi, Dr. Rihab Bedoui Ben Salem


The research aims to clarify the development of bancassurance in the Kingdom of Jordan, and track its growth as a distribution channel by measuring the growth of bancassurance for the period (2008-2019) By raising the problem of how to visualize the development of the bancassurance process in Jordan.  The researchers reached a number of conclusions First: the penetration of bank insurance is significantly lower in public insurance Second: The main drivers behind the market volatility of growth due to the fact that insurance products do not have a significant competitive advantage in the financial sector Third: Limited models of convergence allowed in the Kingdom of Jordan, despite the importance of the diversity of forms of convergence in the interests of both parties. The most important recommendations of the research are the need to change the traditional banking method and amend the regulations and laws that distinguish between the bank and the insurance company.

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