The role of Formative Assessment in the collection of students of the basic stage in Jenin Governorate schools from the point of view of teachers

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Ahmad Ehsan Mohammad Abu Tabikh, Rame Mousa Mohammad Owais


Educational Assessment is one of the most important processes in the educational process with multiple functions, where they can be used to enhance and improve students' education, development of teacher's performance, and learn the level of achievement in the students during a specific time, and to make a decision based on its transfer or patched in its classroom and to the importance of the Assessment The educational process, students can exceed bad teaching, but they can't exceed the impact of the bad Assessment. Educational Assessment   and its applications is very important element in the educational process, and have various purposes. Most educational systems are focused on the external Assessment that is based on standard tests to the valuable Assessment that the teacher is preparing. (Saadi, 2016).

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